The Hidden Costs of Social Casino Slots

Over the past decade, there has been a massive increase in online gambling opportunities across the planet. Although these have been heavily protected, most governments opt for easy revenue over social impact.

Although online gambling is heavily regulated by regulatory bodies, social casino slots have opened up more opportunities for underage gambling. Video games are more popular now than ever and as their influence keeps on growing, so are casino game makers.

With an estimated average of 145 million monthly users for casino apps across the world, this has been raising red flags across societies.

Social casino slots might start off as free, but with many add-on features, many players are also opening their wallets to pay up for any upgrades. In fact, social casino games make up more than a quarter of the highest-grossing apps in Google Play Store.

Similarly, Apple’s App Store has displayed similar statistics during the same time period. Revenues from purchases of in-game features reel in millions for numerous publishers.


Free slots vs social slots

social slots vs free slots

Social casinos are essentially free to download and play but come with a variety of in-game purchases as well as advertisements. The main aim of social slots is to lay bets by using virtual funds on the game.

When you are out of virtual funds, you won’t be able to play until they have been restocked, either on a daily or hourly basis.

In most of these cases, you can request more virtual funds either by inviting friends or else if you really want to play, you can pay up to get your hands on more coins.


How do social slots compare to free slots founds at casinos?

The main difference is that you can play free slots with neverending funds in demo modes at online casinos. Only when you are comfortable to play real money games can you use your own funds.

Social Casino Slots

Because social slots can target people from all walks of life, including children, this poses a problem. Addiction is not unheard of when it comes to social slots. Currently, there is no law or government regulating social casinos, making them free for all.

On the other hand, when it comes to free slots vs social slots, free slots come out on top for a number of reasons. For starters, you are under no obligation to make real money deposits. Most casinos have made their games available in demo mode. However, as is the case in the UK, you need to prove your age and identity, before you can play free slots.

No amount of friends will be able to send you any virtual funds, and most importantly, no one under the age of 18 or under will be able to play these games.

What is also mostly worrying about social slots is the fact that it makes children and other vulnerable beings subject to addiction. This can lead to further problems down the line including full-blown gambling addictions, consumerism and self-indulgence.

Unless governments don’t take control of the current situation, we might end up with a different pandemic of sorts in the future.