Shields of the wild


Shields of the Wild is an exciting 5 reels slot machine that also has Marching Stones Feature that increases your chances of winning big jackpots. During game play, the objective is to get a winning set of numbers on the horizontal and vertical bars of the reels. Payouts depend solely on the total number of coins rolled and the winning set of numbers achieved.

Slots such as Diamonds, Spades, Clubs, Pentacles, and Amazons are all part of the Shields Of The Wild video slot machines. In addition to the standard coins on which the jackpot is won, this version has additional icons that change the paylines for every game. These symbols include the popular “power” icon that allows you to convert a regular symbol to a jackpot icon while the “diamond” icon will cause the payline to change from a payoff of an extra symbol to a payoff of a single symbol. The “club” icon will award the player with a set of two coins when they hit a single symbol while the “pentacles” icon will award the player with three coins when they hit a pentagon icon.

The last in the sequence of symbols is the most interesting. The “amazing” icon will award the player with a total of seven coins when they hit an alignment of five symbols. There is no restriction on which symbols can be re-used for a win, and this makes this version a challenging one for experienced slot players. The only requirement for this slot is that the payouts must match the payouts of adjacent symbols arranged in a straight line. The winning payouts do not need to be identical to the payouts of adjacent symbols arranged in a random pattern since that would defeat the purpose of having the icons in the game.