Polterheist is an old arcade game, based on the free online classic game play of the same title. Polterheist is a fun little internet slot, starring an eclectic cast of nasty gangsters in the old west. The group of evil ghostly characters are desperately wanted for numerous burglaries throughout the town, and with your help, it’s up to you to catch them. The five featured ghosts each have their own distinctive character, making for an interesting and sometimes wacky online slot experience. If you like old school westerns, then the ghostly crew of polterheists may just be what you’re looking for. They are quite the bad guys, though, so take care not to get stuck with them too long.

In addition to the traditional ghostly bad guys, Polterheist also features the classic baddy wannabe who wants to join their group, five viciously wicked henchmen, as well as a few supporting characters. These characters include a dentist, a cowboy, a bounty hunter, a radio talk show host, a Mexican lawyer, a kindly sheriff, a kindly psychiatrist, a Chinese herbalist, a fat old man, a gun shop owner, a gas station clerk, and a drifter who seem to spend his days traveling aimlessly. There are some cool features integrated into the game as well, such as the ability to earn stars while playing the game – each star earns you double money (with double spending! ), and there are hidden objects that can be found throughout the game. All of these and more make this an entertaining game to play, although the graphics are a bit basic and don’t hold a candle to the superb graphical abilities of other similar games.

Overall, the graphics are fine but not top-of-the-line, but it’s not bad by any means. What it is amazing about the game though, is just how much detail you will get when immersing yourself in the wonderfully creepy Poltergeist universe. The ghostly stakes are scary but not gruesome or mean-spirited; they are simply designed to scare – which is just fine, since there are few things in life that are as effective at scaring people as a ghostly stake through the heart. With the extremely enjoyable and unique gameplay, combined with great sound effects, Polterheist delivers one of the best ghostly horror games you’ll ever play.