Dolphin gold


Dolphin Gold is one of three slot games available from the makers of Monopoly: The Settlers of Canaan, for Facebook and MSN. Those who enjoy playing slot games, especially online ones, will love this slot game. Speaking of wagers, they range up to 2.0 a go, which means something for everybody. The reels themselves contain plenty of sea animals including turtles, rainbow colored fish, seahorses, manta rays, dolphins and sharks, of course. So the odds of winning on the Dolphin Gold slot machine is about 1,100 coins at any given time. That’s quite an impressive haul for any slot game.

If you want to place bets in the free casino game offered by Facebook and MySpace then you also have the option of playing the online version of dolphin gold. It is not a very big difference as it is still a flash game, but it still offers some nice features that make players enjoy their time playing in the casino. For example, the playing cards have the usual slot symbols on them, which means that it is pretty easy to identify which card you have in your hands and what the denomination is. The same applies for the bonus rounds, where you will easily know which denomination wins if you are playing the right type of bet.

One major difference between the casino slot game offered by Facebook and MySpace and the free version of dolphin gold is the chances of winning. You can now multiply your winnings by the number of people who have bet on the specific dolphin gold slot. This gives the opportunity to increase your winnings exponentially when playing the game in this manner.