Angel’s touch


Casino game: One of the most popular casino games, Angels Touch offers an enjoyable and challenging casino game experience for its players. This game is ideal for new players as well as experienced casino game enthusiasts. The slot machine is a direct link to the live casino and you can click the icons to trigger special offers and win prizes. The game has been designed with a simple, smooth and intuitive user interface which enables a player to maximize his winning potential.

The Angels Touch slot machine has forty-five paylines for players to choose from, with additional free treats such as an “extra bonus” game which leads to high paying, high rollovers and a guaranteed bet that double your chances of hitting it big. You can even play the Angel’s Touch at multiple online casino recommended by other casinos, just be sure to use specific JohnnyBet links to receive these special bonuses. There are two versions of this slot game available, namely, “regular” and “lite”. The regular version features sixty symbols and is played in one of four regular slots. The “lite” version features forty symbols and is played in a single light slot.

In this game, you need to determine the correct sequence of four symbols on the reels. These symbols will shift color from one to the other when they land on the appropriate icon. A winning streak begins when a player hits the four of the clouds at the right time on the appropriate reels. Special icons appear on the reels for being that a winning bet is ahead. The objective of this game is to collect as many bonus stars as possible and to collect bonus clouds above fifty-five stars. The last category of bonus icons is for winning a jackpot.